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8 reasons for buying hand made

8 reasons for buying hand made

If you are on this page, then you are probably wondering, why should you spend your money on a handmade item. They are better for environment and customised to suit you. Here are eight reasons why you should!

1. They are unique

No one will ever gift the same item as you (unless if great minds think alike and two people end up shopping in the same store!). And because they are hand made, no two items will be exactly identical!


2. They can be personalised or customised to your liking

Hand made items are usually highly customisable to your preference.

3. They are environmentally friendlier

This one is for the tree huggers out there! Hand made usually requires little to no large heavy machinery meaning no carbon emissions are released into the atmosphere. Each hand made artisan also has the ability to select the packaging - this is to the artisan's own discretion!

4. There is a story behind each product

Each artisan will most likely be able to tell you how they came up with their product, their ideas may also inspire you to come up with something creative and you may even ask them to complete a unique personalisable item for you!


5. You are supporting a skill 

Every small business can only survive if they've got people supporting them, when you support hand made, you are supporting a love of art and craft and supporting someone putting food on their table!

6. You are supporting micro/small businesses

Handmade stores are usually run by micro and small businesses owners. The item you see listed is likely have been in the making from few hours to several hours or even days to come into fruition before  it lands on the market.

7. Exceptional quality control checking

Because the items are crafted by hand, the maker will be 110% happy with it by personally checking every detail before they send it off to their new owners - you!


8. You get to talk to the person that is making your item

With large companies you will never get to speak to the person who is sending your product to you, with hand made, you are able to contact this person directly! Talk about great customer service!

What are other reasons why you would buy handmade? 




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