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12 Exciting Ideas To Beat Lockdown Boredom!

12 Exciting Ideas To Beat Lockdown Boredom!

It definitely sucks to not see your loved ones during lockdown! Especially if they live further than you can imagine. Here are some tried and tested ways to put a smile to their faces to let them know that you miss them and also have some quality bonding time, virtually!

1. Write a letter

Unplug for 30 minutes and write your friend a letter. Tell her or him you miss them, what you love about them, what you miss doing, your favourite memory, the silly things you've done, and how your life is better with them in it. 
Don't forget to fold it nicely, put it in an envelope and mail it to them!
We love the hearts : 

2. Online shop

No, we don't mean the kind the one where you splurge on a new dress with no where to go. We mean grocery shop. But not any grocery shop, buy your friend and yourself ingredients for cookies. When you both receive it -  zoom each other and bake cookies distantly by video call - together! 
Here is our favourite cookie recipe: 

3. Buy and send them a gift

Covid and lockdowns has got us all feeling blue. What better way to cheer up your loved ones and let them know you're thinking about them with a unexpected surprise gift!  Just pop their address in the checkout. Who doesn't love parcels! 

4. Art and craft time for the aunties/uncles

Being an auntie or uncle is one of life's ultimate blessings and we know lockdown can mean we miss those cuddles with our favourite little humans. We suggest videocalls and painting,  polymer clay or making slime.
Speaking of painting....

5. Wine and paint

Gather your painting supplies, pour yourself a large glass of wine and make sure your device is charged. Now you and your friend can choose a tutorial on YouTube. I recommend Michelle the Painter. She's ah-mazing! And so very talented!
What was that? Did I hear you say you can't paint? It doesn't matter with enough wine everything looks good!
(In all seriousness though, you will be pleasantly surprised with the outcome!)
For kids Michelle the Painter has Cookies and Canvas:

6. Give back

Sometimes to lift our moods we just need to give a little. Doesn't have to be anything big. My neighbour and I have randomly exchanged cookies, dumplings, and crostoli.
Food always taste better when made with love <3

7. Another for the aunties and uncles

Pick a book and zoom bedtime readings for your nieces and/or nephews. I'm sure their parents would appreciate the little break.
(Okay we know this is not a zoom photo, but you get the drift!)

8. Zoom movie or dinner time with your parents

Parents don't ask for much from their children. Just their company. So until we are freed, the company will be digital. Pick a movie, make the popcorn and watch together. Make sure you keep the phone nearby so you can answer them when they ask 'what happened?'

9. Start a book club with friends and family

Pick a fun fiction book and read a chapter every day. And at the end of the day call them to talk about what you've just read. Did you like it? What's the thing that shocked you? Who's your favourite character now?
We have 2 collections we can't wait to get our hands on:
  1. Disney Villains box set by Serena Valentino 
  2. Disney's Twisted Tales box set by multiple authors!
(You are gonna have to pretend this is all online since we can't see each other!)

10. For the Disney fans, take a walk down nostalgia lane and binge watch Disney movies with another Disney fan!

Disney Princesses, those with talking animal characters, Disney Pixar, movies released after 2000s. Or just close your eyes and pick whatever. Don't forget to sing along! Alan Menken definitely wrote my childhood.

11. Camping 'Trip'

For those lucky to live with family or friends have a camping 'trip' in the backyard or living room. Rules you can only leave the spot if you want to go toilet and you can't sleep in your bed you must sleep in the tent or fort.
And lastly..

12. Start a 7 day challenge

Time to go thru all your old photos and find a photo of:
1. The time you want to relive/go back to
2. The funniest memory
3. The earliest photo you have of each other.
4. The silliest memory
5. The photo you think is most cute
6. A photo you took of them and they're unaware
7. Your favourite photo
Share them with a friend/family member and who knows, it could be story time as well!


Send each other a secret sound and each takes a turn to guess what it is. Remember to give clues or you might be playing this game for the next 210 years 😂 Whoever loses buys dinner to send to the other person/people (Uber eats)!
Which one will you try and what are your ideas?


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